4th of July Weekend


We decided to make a quick trip down to Southern California at the last minute for the 4th.

Instead of our regular route, which is the fastest way to get down there, we thought it would be fun to take Pacific Coast Highway all the way there.

That added about a gazillion more hours to our trip.

But it was well worth it.



We stopped right before Morro Bay to get out, stretch our legs and hang out on the beach for a little bit.

There was hardly anyone on the beach!

Can you believe that?!

FORGET Southern California beaches, this is where it’s at! šŸ˜‰



Layla was just as happy as a clam!

She crawled around like a little beach crab.



And she enjoyed rides on Daddy’s shoulders.

“The view was spectacular from up there.” -Layla



Such a beautiful day.

Perfect weather.



Layla got her first feel of the Pacific Ocean.

“Where’s the bubbles?” – Layla



“Colder than expected. Not impressed.” -Layla



“Bring me back to the sand at once.” -Layla



She loves sand!


The next day, July 4th, we were off to Knott’s Berry Farm.



We went last year, too.

It may just turn into our little tradition.



They have an exact replica of Independence Hall (that is free to the public).



It is always a fun place to celebrate our nation’s birthday.



It was Layla’s first time seeing everything.

She only got to hear it last year (from inside my belly). šŸ˜‰



She was quite impressed with the bell.



She liked the decor, too.



I liked the big flag.



After wrapping things up at Independence Hall, we made our way over to Knott’s.



…where they were having their own festivities.



The park was festively decorated in red, white and blue…


Growing up in Southern California, we had theĀ privilegeĀ of Ā going to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm many, many times. And, while I absolutely love Disneyland, there is something about Knott’s that I just adore.

Maybe it’s all of the great childhood memories I am reminded of.

Maybe it is the western theme that I can’t get enough of.

Probably a little bit of both.



My favorite part of the park is the old Ghost Town.

I just love all things Old West.



There is just something about the pioneer spirit.



So adventurous.

So hopeful.

So enduring…



So big.

Like this wagon wheel.




We were able to take Layla on a few rides.

Like the Calico Mine train ride.

We were told by several people that we could take her on the Log Ride.

There was no height requirement despite the big drop at the end.

We got in line and after reading a sign saying “no hand held infants” decided that it wasn’t worth wasting our time if she couldn’t go on it at the end. Layla wasn’t happy. Just look at her face.



“Well don’t hold my hand then. C’mon guys, let’s get back in line.” -Layla

Oh well. We had some business to take care of anyway.



Some very serious business.



Their funnel cakes are almost worth the price of admission. If I had my rathers, I would have gotten a half apple/half boysenberry topping. But Jon can’t resist a scoop of ice cream when it is offered as an option.


Or martyrdom.

You decide.



Layla decided to take a nap of all naps.

So Jon got to go on a few “big kid” rides while she slept. :)

See if you can spot Jon on the rides.

Where’s Waldo style.



It will get progressively harder.





You’re a champ if you get this one.



Jon and his new mining buddy.



Tell me she doesn’t look like Laura Bush.

From the neck up, of course.

Let’s keep it classy.



Layla woke up and wanted to go on the Stagecoach.



How cute is she…putting her arm out the window like she’s done this before.

She is a natural stagecoach rider.



It was all fun and games until she realized the stagecoach wasn’t dropping us off at the Chicken Dinner restaurant.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. I thought this was an old fashioned taxi.” -Layla



We got Layla to the Chicken Dinner house, and quick!



Ready to eat with her new bib on.



And then there are the biscuits.

The biscuits.

I could live off of these things.

If you were stranded on a desert isle and could only take one thing, you might take a raft or flares.

That’s you.

I’d take the biscuits.

WithĀ no regrets.



Or maybe I’d take the boysenberry pie.


I’ll get back to you.



Delicious is anĀ understatement.



We headed back into the park for the fireworks show…




There wasn’t a bad spot to be in the whole park.



Remarkably, Layla slept through the entire show.



It was a long but very fun day.

We were concerned that it might be too hot.

Or too crowded because of the holiday.

And it was neither.

The weather was perfect, and it wasn’t crowded at all.

I think most people were at the beach or BBQs.

There were little to no wait for all of the rides and shows.

And, considering they honor the military with free admission on the 4th, this was the perfect way to spend our Independence Day.


Hope y’all had a great 4th!

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