4th of July Part 1: Independence Hall

We headed down to my parents’ house in Southern California for the 4th of July weekend. It was 4 days of family, friends, food and relaxing poolside… exactly what we needed.

On the 4th, my brother took Jon and me to Independence Hall to kick off the festivities.

Ok. Not the real Independence Hall…but an exact replica at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Close enough, right? :)

I was shocked to see how uncrowded it was! I thought that it was going to be the happening place considering it was the 4th of July.

But I was more shocked to see this outside on the lawn:

Chickens and roosters roaming all over the place!

It was delightful… especially this little group of chicks with their mama.

And this guy was a sight to behold as well:

Inside, we found the liberty bell…

…and Benjamen Franklin in the background.

Since it was so uncrowded, we had our own personal tour guide/walking history lesson.

Jon and Jared were pleased as punch.

We watched a reenactment of the signing of the Declaration of Independence…

and after it was through, were graced with Ben Franklin’s presence for a question/answer session.

Dear Miss Ross was stitching up the flag…

And here’s the end result. 😉

Notice the rooster behind us. 😉

And Jon and Jared with the Minute Men statue…

All and all, it was a fun way to kick off our 4th of July!

Next stop… BBQ at my parents’ house!

… To Be Continued

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