2nd Time Around and Three or More: Crate Labels

Hip Hip Hurray! Two blog parties in one! :)
I am participating in The Gypsy’s Corner party, Three or More Tuesday as well as A Picture is Worth a Thousand Word’s 2nd Time Around Tuesday.
I did a blog post on these a while ago… and thought I would pull it out of the historical prairie archives and share it again for those who have not seen.

I found some delightful old produce crate labels… used from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s to identify produce type and which farm they were coming from. The historical value is great, however, the vintage artwork is even better! So colorful and vibrant… and just begging to be displayed. When I ran across these authentic vintage produce labels (preserved in a plastic shell protector) in an old antique mall… I was inclined to give them a home. So I did. I display 9 of these guys on my kitchen wall in float frames. Party check: 9 > 3. Three or More Party: Check! Produce labels used for crates, now displayed as art on my wall. 2nd Time Around Party: Check! :) OK, we are good to go. Here they are!

A closer work at each label…

This lil’ piggy went to the market…

There you have it! The skinny on my produce label collection.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow… it is Sweet Treat Tuesday here on the prairie!
Tomorrow’s Sweet Treat recipe will be…. Peaches and Cream Pie!

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